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    Get motivated by our trainers during this 60 minute class from our Strength Against Racism event. Using no equipment, just your own bodyweight, this class is a true testament to how much stronger we are together.

    0:00 - Intro from FHITpro Simon

    3:12 - Gratitude with FHITpro Tara

    9:55 - Warm up with FHITpro Eric

    13:22 - AMRAP with FHITpro Simon

    19:25 - Core Tabata Mashup with FHITpro Pierre

    25:25 - Agility with FHITpro Carlos

    35:15 - Conditioning with FHITpro Farouk

    46:00 - FHIX (Finisher) with FHITpro Ben L.

    51:15 - Cool down with FHITpro Ben L.

    53:20 - Closing statements from FHITpro Daury